Electricity – The Most Dangerous of Workplace Hazards

According to studies, electricity is the single most dangerous of all workplace hazards. Electric remodels, additions, machine wiring, machine repairs, high voltage jobs, generator panel service, electrical lighting retrofits, and other types of electrical-based work is an immense danger among individuals in the workplace. When “live” parts are handled directly or indirectly, many complications may arise in terms of health and safety. Electricity does not simply injure, it kills. … [Read more...]

Industrial Control Cabinets – A Comprehensive Guide for Newly Established Industrial Businesses

If you own or operate a newly established industrial business, it is imperative that you learn about industrial control cabinets. Continue reading to learn about these electrical devices and how our industrial control cabinets can benefit your company.   Industrial control cabinets are a special type of assembly that includes at least two individual power-based components. These may be power circuits, control circuits, or a combination of both. Included within these are switches, … [Read more...]

Commercial Lighting Denver – Popular Downlight LED Option for Small Industry Applications

If you are seeking information on commercial lighting Denver options, you should consider the downlight LED options. These options are appropriate for applications in the small industry setting. These specially-designed lights are commonly nestled in a neat fashion inside of the ceiling within the commercial setting. Not only are these lighting sources considered to be unobtrusive, but they are also considered to be a highly effective illumination source for various types of industrial … [Read more...]

The Goals of Commercial Lighting

If you are in search of commercial lighting Denver or surrounding areas services, you likely know that designing the lighting plan of a business is more than just the process of establishing calculations and the specifics involving the selection of luminaires. Not only does the commercial lighting directly affect the overall ambience of a business, it has a direct impact on the interest level, amount of enthusiasm, and the psychological-based well-being of both the employees and the … [Read more...]

Look for a Brighter Experience in Denver Restaurants

Several restaurants in the Denver area are in the stages of remodeling their interior and/or exterior to increase efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Lighting, a significant part of restaurant design, benefits from the advice of an industrial electrician Denver businesses rely on to get the job done. It’s important that lights not be so bright in the dining area that they distract customers from their meal, but allow them to comfortably read the menu. What types of lighting are … [Read more...]

Show Holiday Spirit with Safe Business Lighting Displays

Holiday business lighting displays should never be about one-upping the business next to you. It’s difficult to admire the scene if it overloads the circuits, causing a fire or tripping the breakers. Hardcore Electric is one of the commercial electricians Denver business owners call before adding a huge power load to their circuits during the holiday season. Adequate electrical infrastructure is a proven way to safely have holiday lighting for business interiors and exteriors. The confidence … [Read more...]

Safely Upgrade Power in Renovated Buildings

Limited space to build new industrial areas is creating a challenge for Hardcore Electric and other commercial electricians in Denver CO. Companies energetically find other options for growth, including the purchase of older warehouses for sale that can be converted to habitable space for offices, small apartments and parking garages. Applications for building permits must address more than floor plans, however. Nearly all renovations must address outdated electrical wiring and panels to reduce … [Read more...]

A Well-Lit Parking Area Lights Up Your Business

Safety is one of the most important things a business can provide customers, employees, and the immediate neighborhood. While business owners may sometimes consider lights as a protective measure, it’s likely that they’re thinking about protecting property and belongings rather than local individuals. The commercial lighting Denver electrical contractors put into place demands more than indoor installation. Well-lit parking lots give customers, visitors and employees a feeling of safety … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Need a Backup Power Supply?

  If the power goes out, how would your business be affected? Of course, power outages affect every business during business hours but what if it happens during the night when the business is closed? Many businesses are simply inconvenienced when clocks need to be reset, etc. Other businesses can be severely affected if they have items that must be kept cold or frozen at all times. In some cases, climate controls going offline can cause serious loses. In these cases, it is vital to have … [Read more...]

Properly Wired Means Better Safety

As a business owner, you know you need the best commercial electricians Denver has to ensure your building is wired for optimal operation. As an employer, you also know that your employees’ safety is in your hands. For this reason, you need to be doubly sure that all wiring and equipment installations are done by professionals who know how to properly wire and install everything so every person operating equipment in your business is not put at risk because of faulty wiring or improperly … [Read more...]

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